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If you're looking for a sound engineer with over 25 years' experience in the industry please feel free to contact​ ​me



​​Dr​​um Kit Stolen...

​​My friends at the Bluejays have had their drum kit stolen in the Hampton area on the 28th July, if anybody gets offered it drop them a line here http://thebluejays.co.uk/​​


Alfie Boe in Leeds​

​Mixing FOH for An evening with Alfie Boe at Millennium Square in Leeds​


Moving JCS & Sound of Music

​A few busy weekends coming up with moving Jesus Christ Superstar and The Sound of Music for Bill Kenwright Productions​

​​Roland M-5000 Demo

Had a play with the M-5000 and went through a few things that I felt were lacking, lets see if they fillter through in software updates later on... Other than that it's a great desk and will be very user friendly.

​​Acoustic Tour with Chesney Hawkes

​​Chesney Hawkes is off on a little acoustic tour in August with Special guests Percival Elliott & Anthony Starble​​. 


Check out the tour dates here

Ches Web.JPG
 Links to Chesney's technical info...

Chesney Hawkes Full Band Stage Plan

Chesney Hawkes A Songwriter's Circle Stage Plan

Chesney Hawkes Solo Acoustic Set Spec​​​​

​​​​​​​​​Desk Hire​

Roland M-480 & M-400 digital desks ​and snakes for hi​re​​